Blip allows small and medium-sized businesses to achieve greater flexibility, geographic reach, mass visibility, and more campaign control than ever before.

By advertising with Blip, you will have access to hundreds of billboards across the United States and Canada. Because you only pay per blip, you have the flexibility to diversify when, where, and how you are seen.

Get $75 in FREE Advertising!

Diversified Advertising Services as well as other divisions of the company is a customer of Blip, so we have no hesitation in referring people to them. Whether you’re trying to increase your business exposure in what used to be out of reach for many due to high costs, or want to display a personal message to a friend, Blip’s affordable and well thought out system makes it super easy and affordable. Choose from hundreds of locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico!

We’ve teamed up with Blip to bring a great offer of $75.00 in FREE advertising. Simply spend $25.00 and $75.00 will be credited to your account typically within one business day!

No monthly fees, no contracts, no commitment! Set how long a campaign should run and see constantly updated stats on your dashboard! End a campaign at any time.

Really, this is an awesome concept with a network of billboard owners leasing space by the view (or Blip). Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’re going to refer you directly to this reliable company!

Digital Billboard Locations

Take a look at where Blip currently offers digital billboard advertising!

With hundreds of digital billboards to choose from, target your local market or blanket the nation with your brand. Your digital bulletins can span across the United States from Los Angeles to New York. There are also a growing number of billboards available in Canada & Mexico!

To see detailed information on locations, click the map to go to the live version.  It is constantly growing!