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Since July 2007, AdvertiseWithTraffic.Com has operated as Diversified Advertising Services, part of a larger corporation, Diversified Company, based in Indiana. AdvertiseWithTraffic.Com was established in 2004, inspired by the desire to offer legitimate web traffic to the public. Having been victims of other so-called competitors that were actually not delivering true traffic, it was determined that the best way to beat them is to compete against them with REAL traffic. We make almost all of our products and services available worldwide.

We use PayPal to process all transactions to further enhance the security of your personal information. (See our Privacy Policy link from the menu.) We are honest people dedicated to superior customer service and satisfaction. We are based in the United States.

We offer two completely different types of advertising services and they are separated within our website into two separate portals.

WEBSITE TRAFFIC: The "original" AdvertiseWithTraffic.com, as we call it, is available HERE or by clicking the SITE TRAFFIC icon at the top of the page.  Because this is a different type of platform altogether, we can't integrate it into the "new" AdvertiseWithTraffic.com in any way that would make it work as we need it to for you. We offer visitor campaign quantities as low as 1,000 true web visitors to your site. We offer targeted and untargeted traffic in various categories. Our traffic is real. It isn't generated by bots, scripts, or any unethical methods. It is REAL traffic. Visitors are NOT a full 100% unique. The range is generally between 85% - 95% unique. The advantage to this is that there is a greater chance that at least some of the visitors will be exposed to your site twice. It is a known marketing fact that most people need repetitive exposure to the same ad before they consider buying the product. Campaigns that run 100% unique visitors lose this opportunity for additional exposure. Untargeted visitors come from across the globe. Country or Region Specific Visitors are 99.9% from the US (or 99.9% from the UK if applicable.) (We have servers in other countries that must occasionally test each site so occasionally a US Campaign will show a non-US visitor, etc.) Campaigns are targeted for delivery from 15 to 120+ days depending on the quantity purchased. Click RATES on the menu to the left for pricing.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Added in early 2017, Social Media Marketing (SMM) was designed to bump up your popularity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest, SoundCloud and Vine. If you want to increase the number of likes, fans, views, etc. on your Social Media site(s), this is where you need to be. Things are different here compared to the WEBSITE TRAFFIC from our original business platform. If you're wanting people to be directed to your pages and then manually like, fan, etc., you'd use that and not this. A lot of companies out there will proclaim that these are all 100% guaranteed real people, but they don't tell you all the fine-print details. Read more about that in our FAQ, but to summarize, yes, these are real accounts that are connecting with your Social Media account, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are active, in your language, or will stay connected with you. The intention of SMM in this method is to make your presence known and then let nature (your own efforts) take its course. We list examples in our FAQ as well.

IT IS OUR GOAL TO HAVE OUR CUSTOMERS COME BACK REPEATEDLY FOR THEIR ADVERTISING NEEDS! We don't want to see you go after just one purchase. So, communicate with us so we can keep you happy and strive to improve our services to you!


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Copyright © 2004-2017 Diversified Advertising Services at AdvertiseWithTraffic.com - A Diversified Company - All rights reserved

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